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NSS logo

The NSS Space Settlement Nexus: The National Space Society formed from the union of the L-5 Society and the National Space Institute.  Their Space Settlement site is the largest on the net.

Space Studies Institute

Space Studies Institute: Founded by Gerard O'Neill, this non-profit organization funds research into space manufacturing.  Features the SSI slideshow, the Don Davis High Frontier Artshow, and several good articles.  Be sure to check out the SSI Maillist.

Al Globus' website

Orbital Space Settlements: Web page maintained by Al Globus.  Features pictures of space habitats, and online versions of the major NASA studies on space settlement.

L5 News

L5 News: This index features downloadable back issues of the L-5 Society's newsletter.

The Living Universe Foundation

The Living Universe Foundation: Founded by Marshall Savage, author of "The Millennial Project".  Dedicated to expanding life into space.

P.E.R.M.A.N.E.N.T. The PERMANENT Website: PERMANENT is an acronym for Program to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term.  This website goes into deeper detail on many of the subjects found here.
Slashdot logo Slashdot : Review of "The High Frontier" with background information on the origins of the space settlement concept.
Powersat Corporation logo Powersat Corporation: This company hopes to build Solar Power Satellites, and has a design they say brings the SPS concept to the point of economic viability.  Their website features a computer animation video and technical papers.

Island One Society

Island One Society: Group emphasizing the political freedom which may be possible in space habitats.

International Space Settlement Design Competition

International Space Settlement Design Competition: Academic contest for students to design their own space habitats.

Book cover Beyond the Stars: William Shatner used The Space Settlement FAQ as part of his extensive research for this, the fourth in his Quest for Tomorrow sf series.  Most of the action takes place on the Outward Bound, an enormous starship based on the O'Neill Cylinder concept.

The Artemis Society

The Artemis Society: Devoted to a return to the moon with an emphasis on commercial development.

Moon Miners' Manifesto

Moon Miners' Manifesto: Required reading for all lunar prospectors.

The Space Frontier Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation: Pushing for the opening of the high frontier to the average citizen, and Cheap Access To Space.  Be sure to check out their High Frontier webpage.

HAL5 logo
HAL5: The NSS Huntsville Alabama L5 Society.
Space Future logo Space Future: This website emphasizes space power and space tourism as the two most promising economic drivers for space development.
Don Davis painting of Earth Don Davis: This noted space artist painted several of the space habitat images on this website.  Be sure to check out the high-resolution space settlement images in his Public Domain Giveaways.

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