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High Frontier Short Stories

In The Bridge to Space, there is a description in the Epilogue of what life might be like in a really large Bernal Sphere.

In If Not For the Fall, there are some 543 billion human beings living in space habitats in the distant future.

The Next Best Thing to Being There is set on a Lunar mining camp, where ice is a rare and valuable commodity.

A man investigates a most unusual space habitat in The Land of Eternal Night.

In Journey to Alfasfere there is a detailed description of what it would be like to climb up toward the axis of a space habitat, becoming lighter and lighter until you finally begin to float.

Designing Paradise describes the types of recreational possibilities which may present themselves in orbital settlements.

Miranda and the Space Pirates is the story of an adventuresome family which uses orbital habitat technology to homestead in the Asteroid Belt.

An astronomer makes a startling discovery in the depths of the outer solar system in Eyes, Shining Back From the Dark. This story might be enjoyed by anyone interested in mega-structures or in the speculations of Prof. Freeman Dyson.

The unusual nature of the artificial "gravity" in Bernal Alpha leads to an animal requiring rescue from a most peculiar predicament in Improbable Events.

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