Rendered Stills

All images rendered with POV-ray (

Include files for animations and renders were (for the starfield) and (for the animation) both by Chris Colefax (

The colony


View of the radiators on the back of the solar panels

Bottom Solar Panels


View of the "bottom" of the colony


The window that acts as the sky for the colonists

Docking facilities and radio dish


Front view from afar

View from the back

Central spheres and hexagonal solar panel

Topmost sphere and secondary mirror in the foreground

Circular mirror

What it might look like if you were taking a walk on the hexagonal solar panel

Central spheres, hexagonal solar panel, six connecting spokes, and the secondary mirror

More views of spheres from top

Still another view from top

View of bottom



The aluminum-textured squares were put in to break up the monotony of the torus texture, but they may be interpreted as being part of the alminum framework that holds together the radiation shield.

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