Space Settlement Design Contest 2003 Results


This year we received 89 submissions from 307 students and 24 teachers. Entries came from Austria, India, Japan, Romania and 11 states: California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin


Grand Prize

The grand prize went to two students from Iasi, Romania for their submission Teba 1 , Horia Mihail Teodorescu and Lucian Gabriel Bahrin are middle school students of teacher Prof. Horia Nicolai Teodorescu.
Congratulations to these young students for an outstanding research project.

Note: for the rest of the prizes there were individual, team (consisting of 2-6 students) and large group (from 7-18 students) and Classroom awards for two groups: 6-9th grade and 10-12th grade. Team names are listed by submission.

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Honorable Mention:


These teachers involved their classes in the contest:


Special thanks to Dr. Charlie Wade and Ruth Globus at NASA Ames Research Center for supporting this educational activity.

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