NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest 2012 Results

This year we received 474 submissions from 1246 students sponsored by 103 teachers. Entries came from 19 countries: India, Romania, U.S.A., China, Singapore, Uganda, Nepal, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, England, New Zealand, Pakistan and Malaysia. U.S. entries were received from 11 states: Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Washington, Virginia, New York, California, North Carolina and Michigan.


Grand Prize

The Grand Prizes for the 2012 Space Settlement Contest went to two teams:

First Prize

11-12 Grade First Prize

9-10 Grade First Prize

6-8 Grade First Prize

Specialty First Prize

Second Prize

11-12 Grade Second Prize

9-10 Grade Second Prize

6-8 Grade Second Prize

Specialty Second Prize

Third Prize

11-12 Grade Third Prize

9-10 Grade Third Prize

6-8 Grade Third Prize

Specialty Third Prize

Honorable Mention

11-12 Grade Honorable Mention

9-10 Grade Honorable Mention

6-8 Grade Honorable Mention

Specialty Honorable Mention

Special thanks to Dr. Ruth Globus, Ph.D., Al Globus, the Contractors Council for supporting the contest.

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