A closed loop made of laminated iron ribbon is continuously launched to space by an asynchronous linear motor. The motor consists of high-frequency electromagnets producing an undulating magnetic field. The field moves at 14 km/s -- only slightly faster than the loop. A 2600 km away from the motor, the loop returns to the Earth, to be accelerated by another motor and deflected by a magnet back to space. A sheath surrounding the loop eliminates aerodynamic drag. Cargo is transported by maglev trains riding on the loop. The launch loop may be damaged by wind, lightning, and icing. A large hole in the sheath results in a spectacular display of fireworks, but most of the sheath remains intact and descends on parachutes. The minimum mass is 104 tons.


Keith H. Lofstrom, "The launch loop -- a low cost Earth-to-high orbit launch system," AIAA Paper 85-1368, 1985.

Launch loop

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