Dear Space Ambassadors,

It’s truly exciting to see the development of the Space Ambassador Program nearing completion with a startup date rapidly approaching. I know there are over 3700 Space Ambassadors out there that are just as excited as we are here at NSS.

The Space Ambassador video is currently in production and final filming is projected to occur with Virgin Galactic at Oshkosh Air Venture July 28th. Final editing and approval will follow shortly thereafter.  Data base construction and power point tools are targeted to be complete and ready for Beta test August 15th with the startup date immediately after.

Full details, rules, tools and login information will be sent to all Space Ambassadors upon successful beta testing and subsequent approval by NSS. Also, for those of you who missed the Space Ambassador workshop at ISDC 2009, additional Sponsors have been added. Besides the top Ambassador being assigned duties on Space Ship Two with Virgin Galactic, additional Ambassadors will be assigned duties with Zero G of Space Adventures and Space training with NASTAR center. More sponsors are being contacted and assignments will continue to grow.

Flight and research assignments will be made at an awards presentation during ISDC 2011. The top 10 finalists will give their presentations to ISDC participants during the conference for final judging and subsequent assignment.

Calling all Space Ambassadors; White Knight Two will fly into Oshkosh July 27th for the Experimental Aircraft Associations Air Venture. It will make several low level fly bys and performance demonstrations throughout the event and will depart on August 2nd to continue testing in the Mojave at Scaled Composites. I will be there from July 31st through August 2nd and hope to meet some of you there.

More updates will be available on the NSS blog sight as well as being sent to all registered Ambassadors as we approach final rollout of the program.

See you up there,

Lee Jones

Space Ambassador Program Director

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