By Namrata Goswami
Art work by James Vaughan

The newly minted Space Force Journal (SFJ) with its beautiful space art makes for exciting and inspiring reading. The Journal launched January 31, 2021. Per the Editorial Foreword, SFJ offers a platform for diverse perspectives on space policy, literature, science and space law. The Journal hopes to be an advocacy platform on topics that could be of particular interest to the newly establish U.S. Space Force (see Space Force commercial). The journal’s intent is to foster a deep-seated understanding of spacepower, its meaning, and what is required to sustain leadership. It is hoped that SFJ will provide a critical forum to serious scholarship on issues pertaining to spacepower found on a single source—a forum absent until now.  SFJ seeks to also discuss academic and policy dialogue on issues of critical importance to not only Space Force missions, doctrines and outlook (see Space Force origins video), but also the issues that could be of importance to the larger space science, space advocacy and space enthusiast community such as NSS.

The ambitious first issue includes nine provocative articles on a range of important issues:

Clearly, the topics explored by Space Force Journal are relevant to the National Space Society given its vision of “people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity”. The Space Force Journal promises to be a forum of rich discussion on issues pertaining to national security, space security, strategy and goals for spaceflight – including discussions of human settlement in space and how to construct a Space Force supportive of space development, including such roles as rescue and other humanitarian operations. NSS members no doubt have opinions on the matter, and perspectives on the vision of what a Space Force should evolve to be (see The Future of Space 2060 and Implications for U.S. Strategy: Report on the Space Futures Workshop). The Space Force Journal welcomes diverse perspectives, and NSS members wishing to submit original articles, original artwork, or letters to the editor should know the Space Force Journal has an open call on a number of topics of interest relevant to NSS members.

Dr. Namrata Goswami is an independent scholar on space policy.

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