My festive wear for Friday. Space + Peyo = For The Win. Photo by Emily Carney.
As we approach the eve of the final ever space shuttle launch, I’d like to thank new readers of this blog and any other associated blogs I’ve worked on. It’s been quite an interesting ride over the last six or so months, and I’ve gained a pretty respectable following which is pretty awesome. Once again, my sincerest thanks and always feel free to suggest topics or questions about manned spaceflight you may be interested in!


Emily Carney is a writer, space enthusiast, and creator of the This Space Available space blog, published since 2010. In January 2019, Emily’s This Space Available blog was incorporated into the National Space Society’s blog. The content of Emily’s blog can be accessed via the This Space Available blog category.

Note: The views expressed in This Space Available are those of the author and should not be considered as representing the positions or views of the National Space Society.

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