Andrew Nowicki

Andrzej Nowicki
ulica Zecerska 13
05-800 Pruszk´┐Żw 4
phone: (0-11-48-22)758-80-44

I have invented the following contraptions:
ramjet in balloon (1997)
powder vortex ram accelerator (1998)
vortex gun (1995)
vortex accelerator (1998)
ice gun (1997)
projectile-rocket relay (1995)
umbrella projectile (1997)
hydrogen injection (1997)
gunsling relay (1996)
electrotube (1994)
orbital loop (1992)
Moon-Earth momentum exchange (1996)
spooled solar sail (1996)
water-cooled window (1996)

Defenders of nature and defenders of industry, unite in
outer space. Become cosmic nomads, the hunters of
comets, and the gatherers of asteroids. Spin cocoons of
steel for your new forests and seas. And when you visit
the Earth, step lightly, lest you destroy its fragile
beauty.                                    Andrew Nowicki

There is a blue flag up in the sky. It has all the stars.
                                               Robert Bly

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the
Earth are never alone or weary of life.     Rachel Carson

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