A Baseline Lunar Mine by Richard E. Gertsch
    The Machine and Duty Cycle

    The Lunar Environment
        and Machine Design Principles.

          Simplicity in Design and Operation
          Traction Independence
          Mining Flexibility and Selectivity
          Mining Tools for Selecting Particle Size
             and Breaking Regolith
          High-Tech Low-Tech Mix
          Two Environmental Factors
          Machine Specifications and Fleet Mix.

    Lunar Mining Operations.
          Production Profile
          Shop Facilities.
          Mine Waste Disposal
          Costs and Time Line



Asteroid Mining by Richard E. Gertsch
     Asteroid Materials and Properties.

    Asteroid Mission Selection.
          Identifying an Asteroid Prospect
          Long Mission Duration

    Manned Versus Automated Missions.
          Automated Missions
          A Manned Alternative
          Teleoperated Missions
     Mining in Zero Gravity

    A Conceptual Asteroid Mining Method




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