Lunar Benification by William N. Agosto
     Electrostatic concentration
     Magnetic Concentration
     Lunar Soil Sizing
          Electrical Sizing
          Gas Elutriation and Classification

The On site Manufacture of Propellant Oxygen
From Lunar Resources by Sanders D. Rosenberg; Robert L. Beegle, Jr.; Gerald A. Guter;
Frederick E. Miller; and Michael Rothenberg

     Reduction of Igneous Rock With Carbon
        and Silicon Carbide.
     Reduction of Carbon Monoxide With Hydrogen
          Hydrogen-Carbon Monoxide Mole Ratio
          Space Velocity
          Material Balance
          Heat Balance
          Pressure Drop
          Catalyst Life
          Catalyst Bed Length

     Lunar Surface Plant Design
          HeatRejection Reduction of Silicates With Methane
          Reduction of Carbon Monoxide Water Electrolysis
          Oxygen Liquefaction
          Oxygen Storage
          Refrigeration and Heat Radiation
          Total System Weight and Power
          Cost Comparisons



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