Ad Astra Volume 13 Number 2 2001

Ad Astra Magazine v13 n2

Ad Astra

The magazine of the National Space Society

Volume 13, Number 2 March – April 2001

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ON THE COVER: Shown are all of the vehicles that have carried humans into space during the last 40 years. Illustration by NSS member Richard Kruse.

Featured Articles:

Forty Years in Space: Human Spaceflight in Perspective

By Howard McCurdy

A Space Shuttle Retrospective
The role of the Space Shuttle in human spaceflight
By Joan Johnson-Freese

The Spaceship that Came in From the Cold War
The Untold Story of the DC-X

By Andrew J. Butrica

A Space Enthusiast’s Political Primer
By David S. Schuman

Humanity in Space
The First 40 Years of Manned Space Vehicles in Scale Drawings
By Richard Kruse

Storm of Fire: Could the Soviets Have Won the Moon Race?
By David S. Michaels

Getting There Is Half the Fun
The Evolution of Heavy Lift Rockets
By Andrew J. LePage

NASA in the 21st Century
By Taylor Dinerman

What Place in Space?
Impacts and Future Prospects of the U.S. Pro-Space Movement
By Amy Paige Snyder


Chairman’s Message

3 Letters

5 NSS in Action

6 Mission Control

11 Countdown

48 Shooting Gallery
Twenty Years of the Space Shuttle

54 NSS Chapters

56 Spacefaring

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