Ad Astra Volume 13 Number 3 2001

Ad Astra Magazine v13n2

Ad Astra

The magazine of the National Space Society

Volume 13, Number 3 May – June 2001

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ON THE COVER: Pack your bags and head for space! Photo illustration by Andrew Ladson.

Featured Articles:

Access to Space
The Key to Space Travel
By T. A. Heppenheimer

Space Tourism: Waiting for the Golden Age
By Gregg Maryniak, Executive Director, X Prize Foundation

When a Ticket to Ride?
Public perceptions of space as citizen space travel’s greatest obstacle.
By Amy Paige Snyder

Target: Red Planet
NASA’s Advanced Mars Exploration Program and the challenge of a sample return.
By Richard Wagner

Shenzhou-2: A Status Report
Despite its modest resources, China promises to be a major player in space as the new millennium unfolds.
By Andrew J. LePage

America and NASA
What are the Nation’s perceptions of NASA? University of Texas students team up with NASA to find out.
By James Osimo

Youth for Space in Turkey
By The Space Research Working Group


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3 Letters

4 Mission Control

12 NSS Chapters

14 NSS in Action

15 Countdown

44 Center for Lunar Research

48 Spacefaring

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