Ad Astra Volume 13 Number 4 2001

Ad Astra Magazine Vol 13 No 4

Ad Astra

The magazine of the National Space Society

Volume 13, Number 4 July – August 2001

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ON THE COVER: The view of the exterior of the International Space Station and orbital sunrise. Photo: NASA/JSC

Featured Articles:

International Space Cooperation: Economy as a Main Driver.[PDF]
By W. Peeters

Listening To Whispers From Space
A Behind-the-scenes Tour of the DSN Antenna System at Goldstone.
By Larry Evans

Japan’s Future In Space
Evolution of an Independent Space Power.
By Joan Johnson-Freese

A Space University
An Idea for Learning Beyond Earth.
By Louis Mazza

Battlestar Galactica Lives!
Why the US Military Rejects “Faster, Cheaper, Better.”
By Dwayne A. Day

Shooting Gallery Special:
Shooting The Shuttle

Ad Astra photographers tell their story in words and photographs on what it takes to become a “Remote Rat.”
By Joe Marino


2 Chairman’s Message

3 Letters

4 Mission Control

12 NSS in Action

18 Countdown

38 Center for Lunar Research

40 NSS Chapters

48 Spacefaring

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