Ad Astra Volume 14 Number 6 2002

Ad Astra Magazine Vol 14 No 6

Ad Astra

The magazine of the National Space Society

Volume 14, Number 6 November-December 2002

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ON THE COVER: Our quest for knowledge about our universe continues unabated as represented by our cover illustration.

Featured Articles:

“W” in Space: The Story So Far
Taking stock of George W’s impact on space policy over his first two years in office.
By Jim Vedda

South American Space: The Brazilian Space Program in Review
Brazil continues its efforts to break into a very exclusive club.
By Frank Braun

A Milestone in Space Education: The New International Space University Campus in Strasbourg
School’s in! And in a brand new facility in Strasbourg, France.
By Pat Dasch

Larry Young: Astronauts in Trouble
Ad Astra talks to the force behind the critically acclaimed graphic novels.
By Jennifer M. Contino

Reading, Writing, and Sub-Orbital Mechanics
“Teacher-Naut” Barbara Morgan is go for 2004. Ad Astra talks to her about what it might mean for young people.
By Travis K. Kircher

Providing a Policy Foundationfor Nuclear Propulsion in Space
NASA has an historic opportunity for near-term progress if it can look beyond the Mars hype.
By Harry Dhillon

NASA’s EPO Program: Students and Communities Reach for the Stars
Education and Public Outreach programs are inspiring teachers and students across America.
By Rebecca Stowers

Space Movies
What first ignited your interest in space? A good bet it was something seen on the silver screen.

By Tammy Ruggles


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6 Mission Control

10 Countdown

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48 Lifting Off

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