Ad Astra Volume 15 Number 3 2003

Ad Astra Magazine 2003 #3

Ad Astra

The magazine of the National Space Society

Volume 15, Number 3 June-July-Aug 2003

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ON THE COVER: The International Space Station, America’s home in orbit.
Photo courtesy NASA

Featured Articles:

The 2002 Chapter Awards
Jim Plaxco reports from ISDC 2003 on the remarkable achievments of our NSS Chapters.
By Jim Plaxco

To Walk Outside Columbia: An Astronauts Tale
Reflections on EVA and the Columbia tradgedy from a man who’s been there and done that.
By Winston Scott

Lunar Tourism
A potential $600 billion dollar business—David Dietzler maps out how we can get there.
By David Dietzler

Space: Final Frontier or the Next Battlezone?
The debate continues: should space only be used for scientific endeavors or does it offers unique opportunity to defend against terror?
By Travis K. Kircher

An Ad Astra Special Report:
Health and Safety in the U.S. Space Program

An indepth look at the history, problems, and progress of astronaut healthcare in space.
By Eleanor A. O’Rangers, Pharm.D. and Linda M. Plush, MSN, CNS/FNP, FRSH

Reasons to Believe
A collection of post-Columbia voices tell us their questions and hopes for our space program.
By Tammy Ruggles

The Universal Reusable First Stage (RSF)
The next “stage” in space transportation.
By Kenneth Schweitzer


4 Launch Pad

8 Mission Control

17 Countdown

48 Lifting Off

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