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Aggie Kobrin is the founder and Director of CEC Global Events, a successful event management company that she established in 2004. CEC Global Events has produced hundreds of corporate, commercial, nonprofit and association events locally and globally for fifty to thousands of participants. She was selected by NSS to produce its San Diego ISDC in 2013, and due to the success of that partnership, to produce ISDC 2014 and ISDC 2015 as well.

Aggie has been engaged in helping start small business ventures, providing marketing and branding support to several, ranging from film and TV distribution to crowdfunding fundraising projects. She has also been involved in the production of several Independent Films and Television programs. She founded and is a managing partner in FunderWay, a socially-conscious crowdfunding portal.

She has a Bachelors degree from York University in Toronto, Canada. She grew up in Toronto and now lives in Orange County, California with her multi-faceted husband Michael and three children.


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