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The National Space Society participates in various alliances to further the goals of space exploration, development, and settlement.  Currently, NSS is part of two alliances, the Alliance for Space Development and the Space Exploration Alliance.  It should be noted that both alliances consist of of 501(c)(3) non-profits, thus an individual person cannot join them.  However, NSS members may participate in events organized by ASD and SEA.

NSS may not endorse all the positions taken by ASD and SEA.  In some cases one alliance or the other may take a position that NSS is officially neutral on.  NSS then focuses our efforts on ASD/SEA goals that NSS does fully endorse.

In addition to alliances, NSS has established affiliations with a number of pro-space organizations. These NSS Affiliates each work to promote some aspect of space exploration.

Alliance for Space Development

Alliance for Space Development
NSS founded the ASD jointly with the Space Frontier Foundation in early 2015. The ASD includes, in addition the Space Frontier Foundation and NSS, the Lifeboat Foundation, the Mars Foundation, the Mars Society, the Space Development Foundation, the Space Development Steering Committee, the Space Tourism Society, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Students on Capitol Hill, the Tea Party in Space, and Space Renaissance USA. You can find out more about ASD at www.allianceforspacedevelopment.org.

ASD goals include:

  • Reducing the cost of access to space.
  • Stimulating and accelerating the growth of space industries.
  • Making the development and settlement of space a clearly defined part of why we are sending humans into space

The ASD organizes an annual campaign, implemented primarily via the Washington DC based March Storm and the August Home District Blitz Congressional education events.  Report cards on past campaigns can be found at:


Space Exploration Alliance

Space Exploration Alliance
NSS has been active in the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) for many years.  The major focus of SEA is the SEA Blitz, held annually in Washington DC during February. SEA includes groups ranging from NSS and Explore Mars to AIAA, the Moon Society, the Mars Society, the Planetary Society, the National Society of Black Engineers, SEDS, and Buzz Aldrin’s Share Space Foundation.  SEA focuses on supporting space exploration per se via a higher NASA budget, and tends to operate at a higher level that the ASD, which often advances draft legislation.



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