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Nonfiction Books
Complete list of reviewed nonfiction books by title and by author
Most recent nonfiction reviews:

Book Review: The Case for Space

Book review: The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility, by Robert Zubrin. Reviewed by Greg Autry. Those of us deeply embedded in the space community understand that space development is the Rx for a dismal Malthusian future and Zubrin makes our case better than anyone has to date.

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In “Excess”: The Travails of 1967’s Astronaut Class

Two books – one released this week, and one released nearly half a century ago – give insight into the gradual whittling-down of NASA’s 1967 class of scientist-astronauts, who were unceremoniously christened the “Excess Eleven” (or “XS-11”). How did a group that produced a famously prolific, hyper-motivated space flier (Dr. Story Musgrave, the only astronaut to fly each Space Shuttle) also lose so many of its astronauts?

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Fiction Books
Complete list of reviewed fiction books by title and by author
Most recent fiction reviews:

Book Review: Red Moon

Author Kim Stanley Robinson writes of turmoil, strife, political revolution and poetry on a Moon mostly settled by China. A sensory novel delivering the experience of the alien, both of China for westerners and the lunar environment. Robinson has always been an eclectically intelligent writer and this is a book well worth reading. Reviewed by Peter Spasov.

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Book Review: Blue Gemini

Category: Fiction Reviewed by Clifford R. McMurray From Ad Astra Summer 2018 Title: Blue Gemini Author: Mike Jenne NSS Amazon link for this book Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, audiobook Pages: 576 Publisher: Talos Date: May 2015 Retail Price: $24.99/16.99/12.99...

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Children’s Books
Complete list of reviewed children’s books by title and by author
Most recent children’s book reviews:


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