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Nonfiction Books
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Most recent nonfiction reviews:

Space 2.0: How Private Spaceflight, a Resurgent NASA, and International Partners are Creating a New Space Age

The wait is over! In the new book just released today, Space 2.0, space historian and Ad Astra editor Rod Pyle, in collaboration with the National Space Society, provides an inside look at the next few decades of spaceflight and long-term plans for exploration, utilization, and settlement. Space 2.0 is the definitive handbook for the new space age.

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Book Review: Defying Limits

This is the memoir of Dr. Dave Williams, a Canadian astronaut and former Director of Space and Life Sciences at NASA. An overarching message of performing your best, living life in the moment, and overcoming failure and adversity provides inspiration for anyone wishing to become an astronaut.

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Fiction Books
Complete list of reviewed fiction books by title and by author
Most recent fiction reviews:

Book Review: Red Moon

Author Kim Stanley Robinson writes of turmoil, strife, political revolution and poetry on a Moon mostly settled by China. A sensory novel delivering the experience of the alien, both of China for westerners and the lunar environment. Robinson has always been an eclectically intelligent writer and this is a book well worth reading. Reviewed by Peter Spasov.

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Book Review: Blue Gemini

Category: Fiction Reviewed by Clifford R. McMurray From Ad Astra Summer 2018 Title: Blue Gemini Author: Mike Jenne NSS Amazon link for this book Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, audiobook Pages: 576 Publisher: Talos Date: May 2015 Retail Price: $24.99/16.99/12.99...

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Children’s Books
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