Campaign for the Future FAQ

What is the Campaign for the Future?

The NSS Campaign for the Future is an on-going, multi-year membership recruitment campaign. For each new NSS member recruited, the NSS chapter receives a fixed number of campaign reward points. Points can be redeemed for rewards. The campaign is an ongoing and expanding activity going forward into the future. You may accumulate points over many years to reach higher reward levels.

How Are Reward Points Awarded?

When your new recruit becomes a paid NSS member, your points will be awarded, based on the dollar amount of the membership, five points for each $20 in membership collected. Thus, a new member at $20 will add 5 reward points towards your campaign total. A member at the $200 level will add 50 points to your total. The specific points awarded for each category of NSS membership is shown in the Point Table.

How Will NSS Track Your Points?

The 3-digit NSS Chapter code will be used to track your Chapter’s reward points. This number will go on the membership brochures your Chapter hands out so that NSS HQ can track your points when the membership is processed. If you recruit a member to join using the online form, tell them your code so they can enter it there when they join online. If they do not enter the code, your Chapter will not get credit for recruiting the member.

How Are Reward Points Redeemed?

After January 1, 2012, you may redeem your points at any time for any of the rewards listed in the Chapter Rewards List.

What Resources Will You Use to Recruit Members?

Upon request, NSS will send your Chapter recruiting materials to help you with your campaign. These will include NSS membership brochures, decals, and Ad Astra magazines. You can use these as handouts to prospective members or as prizes for people who join as you discuss with them the opportunities and benefits of joining NSS. NSS will also have recruiting suggestions for you such as printed talking points about NSS, and videos for you to see recruiters in action.

Where Can You Go To Recruit?

You can recruit anywhere, anytime. Begin with family, friends and colleagues. You can recruit at your chapter meetings. You can attend events by other organizations and speak to them about NSS. You can attend festivals and fairs with an NSS table, presenting your vision for space to the public at large. Any public event your Chapter holds is an opportunity to introduce NSS to the public.

When Will the Campaign End?

The campaign will be an ongoing activity of NSS so there will be no end date. This allows you multiple years if needed to earn the reward level you seek. Periodic tallies and reports will let everyone know our success and progress.

Can Individual Recruiters Also Participate?

Initially, only NSS Chapters may participate. However, individuals will be able to participate soon as the Campaign expands. Initial individual points and rewards will be similar to those for Chapters.

Who Can I Contact for More Information?

For more information on the Campaign for the Future program, email your questions and comments to [email protected].