International Space Development Conference 1986

The L5 5th annual Space Development Conference was held in Seattle, Washington on May 23-26,1986. The following is an extract of the official show program.

The Westin Hotel, Seattle, Washington

Welcome, all, to the Fifth Annual Space Development Conference! We’re glad you are here. We think we have an excellent program scheduled, and, just as important, we have people here who can discuss and debate where our space program is going, where it should be going, and how to get there. certain that this is an important time to be involved in these issues: there is a quiet crisis atmosphere. We’ve suffered the Challenger tragedy, failures in our other principal launch systems, and budget deficits, and we have no agreement at all on what to do about any of them. At the same time, we have the report of the National Commission on Space with its bold visions of space as a true frontier.

It sets goals and enunciates dreams we can all be proud of. But how best to achieve them? One thing is sure: business as usual won’t do. Being a pioneer is always difficult. That’s why it brings out the best in people. We in the L5 Society call on all of you, the attendees here, to become, if you are not already, space pioneers. We are after much more than just support for the space program. We know you already that or you wouldn’t be here. We want space pioneers to lead the rest of humanity in demanding a bold, aggressive space program “of the people, for the people, and by the people”, to borrow a few words from Abraham Lincoln. The Dreams offered by the Commission on Space are achievable. We need vision, innovation and leadership, and we need to demand it and make it happen. Only then will we be able to do what we space pioneers really want to do — lead humanity to settle the space frontier.

Conference Co-Chairmen
Gordon Woodcock , President, L5 Society , Advisor, WSCS
Joe Hopkins, Vice-President, L5 Executive Society Director, WSCS


Solar System Tour (8:00 am ‘Thursday thru 6:00 pm Friday)
A two day tour taking you to several geologic sites in the Washington that illustrate formations representative of the planets of the solar system. (Pre-registration required)

Computer Tour (Friday, 1:30 pm)
A guided tour through the Boeing computer center. (Pre-registration required)

Boeing Everett Tour (Friday, 1:30 pm)
A guided tour to the plant which brings you the Boeing 747 aircraft. (Pre-registration required)

Seattle Aquarium Reception (Friday, 8:00 pm)
A reception and dessert buffet will be served in the exotic environment of the Seattle Aquarium.

Kayak Breakfast (Saturday, 5:30 am and Sunday, 5:30 am)
For the adventurous, a trip to Lake Union for an outdoor breakfast.

Teaching Space – Workshops & Exhibits (8 am Saturday thru 4 pm Sunday)
In the Grand Crescent Room. Refer to posted schedule for events. 

Folk Life Festival (Friday thru Monday)
This yearly festival is quite popular. Located at the Seattle Center, It’s just a few blocks from the conference. Don’t miss it!

NOTE: All tours will assemble in the area just outside the conference office, located on the Grand Ballroom level of the Westin Hotel.

May 24 thru May 26th, 1986

GOAL SETTING & DECISION ANALYSIS (Sat., 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Adams)
Loyd Case, Systems Engineer

VIDEO PROGRAMMING (Sat., 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Orcas)

MEET L5 SOCIETY HEADQUARTERS (Sat., 10:30-11:30 AM, Blakely)
Greg Barr, Administrator
Aleta Jackson, Office Manager

Joe Hopkins, Executive Director

Margaret Jordon, Chair, Astronaut Memorial Committee 

L5 & SPACEPAC, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE (Sun., 9:00 – 10:00 AM, Whidbey)
Mark Hopkins, Chair, SpacePAC

MEET SPACEWEEK (Sun., 9:00 – 10:00 AM, Adams)
Dennis Stone, Space Week Inc.

VIDEO PROGRAMMING (Sun., 9:00 – 9:00 PM, Orcas)

CONGRESS & SPACE (Sun., 10:30-11:30 AM, Blakely)
Mark Hopkins, Executive VP, L5

MEET NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY (Sun., 10:30-11:30 AM, Adams)
Glenn Wilson, Executive Director, NSS

MEMBERSHIP WORKSHOP (Sun., 2:00 – 3:00 PM, Whidbey)
Margaret Jordon, Chair, Astronaut Memorial Committee

Bill Dale, System Operator, SpaceNet RBBS
Ray Miller, Publisher, CAL5 Gazette

1986 SPACE OBSERVANCE WORKSHOP (Mon., 9:00 – 10:30 AM, Whidbey)
Charles Divine, Director, L5 Society 

VIDEO PROGRAMMING (Mon., 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Orcas)

May 24 thru May 26th, 1986

WORLD SPACE TOWN MEETING (Saturday, 6 pm, 5th Ave)
A computer network conference with G. Harry Stine, James Oberg and others.

When does “preposterous science fiction” become practical space development? When its basic scenario is proven achievable with actual hardware design and demonstration. The Space Studies Institute was founded by Gerard K. O’Neill to validate the modern concept of space colonization, by progressing along a “critical path” of research that opens of the High Frontier for all of humanity. Studies include mass drivers, lunar-derived solar power satellites, and habitats. An introduction to the Institute and a status report on current SSI research projects with a look ahead at the milestones we are all working to reach. Speaker: Gregg Maryniak, Executive Vice President, Space Studies Institute. (Manager, Morris Hornik)

SPACE TOURISM (Sunday, 10:00 AM, Grand I)
The day of passenger space travel is almost upon us. Society Expeditions is selling tickets for globe-orbiting tours on the Phoenix spaceship. Come discover the details of the most exotic vacation opportunity ever. Speakers: T. C. Swartz, Society Expeditions; Max Hunter, Society Expeditions.

OFF-EARTH ORES (Sunday, 10:00 AM, Grand II)
“Ore, (n.) A mineral or other geologic resources that can be mined and sent to market AT A PROFIT.” An expert panel wilV discuss the monies, methods, minerals and markets necessary for making use of non-terrestrial resources. The range of topics will include current thinking on how to fund off-earth mining, hardware needed to exploit the ores, transport-to-market scenarios, sources of resources, and a systems approach to the endeavor. This session is designed to provide the space activists with a powerful information base on space resources. Speaker: Richard E. Gertsch, Colorado School of Mines (Moderator); Randal Barnes, University of Minnesota; Andrew Cutler, California Space Institute. (Manager, Richard Gertsch)

NOVEL TECHNOLOGIES (Sunday, 10:00 AM, Cascade 11)
Coming breakthroughs may have radical consequences for space development and “Nanotechnology” may provide us the ability to build large structures to settlement. atomic-level specification, making more conventional space development technologies obsolete. Molecular assemblers may enable us to build almost anything we can design. Artificial intelligence will enable us to design almost anything that is physically possible. Together these technologies could open a broad road to the solar system and to the stars, if we survive. Speaker: H. Keith Henson, Co- Founder, L5 Society; K. Eric Drexler, Research Affiliate, MIT Space Systems Laboratory. (Manager, Chris Peterson)

LUNCHEON BANQUET (Sunday, Noon, 5th Ave)
Featured speaker, NASA astronaut, Capt. John O. Creighton, will discuss his trip aboard Shuttle flight 51-G.

NEAR-TERM VENTURES (Sunday, 1:30 PM, Grand I)
An assortment of space-related ventures are being pursued right now as real, near- term commercial opportunities. These include many orbital uses of the Space Shuttle’s External Tank and possibly an Aft Cargo Carrier to attach to it. A concept known as the Space Phoenix is drawing serious attention in academic and corporate circles. Meanwhile, an intriguing theme-park named Pacific Spaceport is nearing construction as the ‘”crown jewel” of the new Cape Malibou Resort. What might the next few years provide, for profit? Speaker: Tom Rogers, President, Sophron Foundation, formerly with the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress; Charles Carr, Co-Director, Pacific Spaceport Project, former Coordinator of Space Education of the California Museum of Science and Industry; Morris Hornik, Washington DC Coordinator, Space Studies Institute (Moderator). (Manager, Alex Gimarc) 

THE POLITICS OF STRATEGY (Sunday, 1:30 PM, Grand Il)
This panel is concerned with the politics needed to achieve space development goals. It will not only deal with the grand strategies necessary to get us into space (and how they can and will be translated into political reality), but also the nuts-and bolts tactical things that we can do at the very local level to make and keep space policy a live-wire issue. Speakers: Sandy Adamson, L5 Society Washington DC Representative (Moderator); Dale Amon, Co-Chairman, 6th Annual Space Development Conference (Pittsburgh in ’87); Tim Kyger, Member, L5 Society Board of Directors; Jim Muncy, Washington DC Consultant; Gary Oleson, Senior Vice President, L5 Society; Scott Pace, Public Affairs Director, Spacepac; also, papers by Jack Kirwan and Howard McConnell. (Managers, Jack Kirwan & Sandy Adamson)

President Reagan appointed a Commission in March, 1985 to recommend an ambitious civilian space program that would guide us into the next century. After more than a year of effort, the recommendations have been composed and will be published as Pioneering the Space Frontier. It says that the main goal is “long-term growth into permanent settlements”. What happens next may be in large measure up to us, the space activists….Speakers: Dr. David Webb, National Commissioner, Chairman, conference of Non-Governmental Organization, Second United Nations Conference on Space, Chairman, National Coordinating Committee on Space 

RECEPTION (Sunday, 5:30 PM, Grand Foyer)

BANQUET (Sunday, 6:30 PM, Grand III)
Highlights of “The Great Space Race” and the Space Pioneer Awards. Featured speaker: Senator Slade Gorton of Washington, Chairman, Senate Sub-Committee on Science, Technology and Space.

FILM: H.G. WELLS’ “THINGS TO COME” (Sunday, 10:00 PM, Grand III)
A classic 1936 British production, with the screenplay written by Wells himself, directed by W.C. Menzies. “Stunning visualization…Aloof but always interesting, enhanced by Menzies’ sets, vibrant music by Arthur Bliss… Leonard Maltin’s TV Movies 1985-86 Edition)

CHALLENGER MEMORIAL SERVICE (Monday, 6:30 AM, Waterfront Park) 

BREAKFAST. BANQUET (Monday, 7:30 AM, 5th Ave.)
Have breakfast with officers of the sponsoring organizations speakers. See “Spinoffs”, a slide show produced by Space Research Associates.

A discussion of the findings of the Citizens Advisory Panel, Seattle Metropolitan Chapter of the United Nations Association / USA.

L 5 SOCIETY FUND RAISER “How to be a Space Pioneer” (Monday, 9:00 AM, Grand Il)
A special fundraising event, by invitation only. Speakers: Gary Oleson, Senior Vice President, L’ Society; Jim Muncy, Board of Directors, L’ Society; David Torrealba, member, L5 Society.

IDEAFEST – The Space Station (Monday, 10:00 AM, Grand I)
Find out about the “Space Station” exhibit being prepared by IDEAFEST, INC. of Vancouver British Columbia in conjunction with EXPO 86. Speaker TBA.

SPACE DEVELOPMENT, A Canadian and a Scottish View (Monday, 11:00 AM, Grand I)
Speakers: Dr. Richard Stephenson, Canada; Duncan Lunan, Association in Scotland for Research into Astronautics. 

CLOSING CEREMONIES (Monday, 12:30 PM, Grand III)
Closing remarks by principle officers of the sponsoring organization. 

WORKSHOP / HOW TO INVEST IN SPACE (Monday, 2:30 PM, St. Helens)
Have you ever tried to invest in space development? It’s not that easy. This workshop will explore methods for small investors to make investments in space development. Workshop Leader: Dani Eder, Engineer, Boeing Co.

“THE DREAM IS ALIVE” – IMAX film, Pacific Science Center, Monday evening.


Pioneering the Space Frontier / 25 Years: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Thanks To All Conference Volunteers

The Fifth Annual Space Development Conference would not be taking place without many hours of effort by many volunteers. You are too numerous for us to list you all. In fact, we don’t even know who some of you are at the time this program goes to press.

NO matter what your contribution, you have helped the L5 Society, Washington State Citizens for Space, and our other co-sponsoring organizations in our effort to “Pioneer the Space Frontier”.

The Conference Organizing Committee extends our sincere thanks for your help.

The following people do deserve special mention for their contributions to this Year’s Space Development Conference:

Sandy Adamson; Doug Bell; Marcia Buxton; Carl Case; Pat Cornelius; Dani Eder; Steve Gillett; Floyd Hagaman; Joe Hopkins; Hugh Kelso; Robert Levenson; Mark Lyon; Gary Oleson; Mike Schaal; Nick Szabo; Russ Volz; Gordon Woodcock

Deb Anderson; Colette Bevis; Tom. Buxton; Loyd Case; Steve Denzel; Georgia Franklin; Glenn Gorman; Ben Harman; Morris Hornik; Steve King; Duncan Lunan; Beth Means; Julie Parks; Curtis Snow; Brian Tillitson; Mary Watson; Elisa Wynn;

Greg Barr; David Brandt-Erichsen; Steve Calahan; Lisa Cornelius; Dorthy Diehl; Bill Ganoe; Wait Guyll; Ken Hartung; Aleta Jackson; Mark Lawler; Vince Lowe; Dick Morris; Judi Qualy-White; Don Springer; Henry Vanderbilt; Russell White; Jule Zumwalt

Youth of Washington Civil Air Patrol and Young Astronauts 


* L5 Society
The L5 Society is a non-profit, international organization of persons who believe that the future of humanity lies in space and who are interested in the practical development of »ace resources. The purpose of the L 5 Society is to promote public awareness of the potentials of space development, emphasizing large scale economic development and the permanent habitation of space.

* Washington State Citizens for Space (WSCS)
WSCS was organized in 1983 to promote interest in space in the state of Washington. As concerned Washington State citizens, we are particularly interested in influencing our state congressional delegation to support a national space policy that has immediate, practical benefits to the citizens of Washington, the United States and the entire worId.

American Space Foundation
Association in Scotland to research into Astronomics (ASTRA)
AMSAT: Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
National Space Society (formerly NSI)
Public Service Satellite Consortium
Space PAC
Space Week
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
Sunsat Energy Council
Svenska Ryndrorelsen (Swedish Space Society)
Washington State Aerospace Association
Washington State Civil Air Patrol 

General Electric Information Exchange
IDEAFEST, The space Station
Space PAC
Space Studies Institute
Tele-Communications Users Group
Washington Aerospace Association
Washington Civil Air Patrol
Washington State Citizens for Space

Your Special Invitation To Attend The
What will the next 50 years bring?
How can we get the job done?
The 1987 Space Development Conference will pose those questions. Distinguished participants from business, industry, academics and government will offer answers.
Let’s make America a spacefaring nation.
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