International Space Development Conference 1991

The National Space Society’s 10th annual International Space Development Conference was held in San Antonio, Texas. Conference sessions included:


Opening Session: A call for Action

  • Dr. Carol Redfield
  • Martin Goland
  • Brig. Gen. William L. Worthington, Jr.
  • Dr. John Howe
  • Charlie Walker


Potpourri: Planning and Systems

  • Dr. Kumar Krishen – Critical Technologies for Future Space Applications
  • Dennis Stone – The Assured Crew Return Vehicle


Technology: Space Manufacturing

  • Glen Chapman – Space: The Ideal Place to Manufacture Microchips


Technology: Space Vehicles and Infrastructure

  • Mike Simon – Introduction
  • Douglas Comstock – Low Earth Orbit
  • Robert Zubrin – Mars Surface
  • John Logston – Lunar Surface
  • Brent Shrewood – Cycling Orbits


Technology: Space Manufacturing

  • Scott Pace – U.S. Competitive Position in Manufacturing Tech.
  • Hubert P. Davis – The Moon as a Source of Energy for Earth
  • Gay Canough – Experimental Spacecraft Society


General: Business and Economics

  • Bill Wirin – Introduction
  • James C. Bennett – A Decade of Space Entrepreneurship: A Retrospective and Prospective View
  • James Joseph Sanchez – A Fifteen Year Program for Developing Lunar Based Information Industries
  • Dr. Peter C. Bishop – The Future of the Space Industry: Opportunities for Texas
  • Mike H. Ryan – A Practical Perspective on Space Enterprise
  • Kirby Ikin – Doing Business in Space – An Australian Perspective
  • Edward L. Keith – Low-Cost Earth to Low Earth Orbit Transportation System
  • George L. von Pragenau – United Space Fleet: It’s Safety and Economy


Potpourri: Instructional

  • J. Wesley Regian – Future Training Technology: Intelligent Virtual Training Worlds
  • Shirley J. Ratcliff – Demonstration of Multimedia: A Training Tool to Counter Space-Age Information Overload


Technology: Future Technology

  • K. Eric Drexler – Nanotechnology for Space Development
  • Joe Feaber and Keri Koleski – Technology: Planetary Communities, Genesis: Advanced Lunar Outpost II
  • Mark Kaehny – The Lunar Hostel: An Alternative Concept for First Beachhead and Secondary Outposts


NSS Awards Banquet

  • Dr. Hans Mark – Presentation


International Programs

  • Bill Wirin – Introduction
  • Dictmar Wurzel – German Space Policy and International Cooperation
  • H. Hollister Cantus – International Space Business
  • Bill Wirin – USSR GlavCosmos


Closing session: Global Space Community

  • Aaron Cohan – Closing Remarks
  • General Robert Herres – Our National Space Agenda: Horizon for Progress
  • Max Hunter – Single Stage to Orbit, SSX
  • Final Remarks



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