International Space Development Conference 1992

The National Space Society’s 11th annual International Space Development Conference was held in Washington, DC. Conference sessions included:

Conference Opening Session

  • Charles Walker – Welcome
  • Charles F. Bolden – Creating a Shared Vision of Our Future in Space
  • Harrison H. Schmitt – The Politics of a Campaign For Space

NSS Presents

  • Charles Walker, Buzz Aldrin, Mark Albrecht, John Egan, John Miller, John Pike, John Rummel – A National Town Meeting on Space

New Technologies

  • William A. Gaubatz – The Delta Clipper: Opening Space

Space Development: Commercial Opportunities

  • Jordan Katz – Introduction
  • Courtney Stadd – Keynote: Commercial Space Policy Guidelines and The Future of Private Space Enterprise

Revolutions in Global Communications

  • Jordan Katz – Introduction
  • Peter A. Swan – Global Personal Communications – The IRIDIUM Way
  • Alan L. Parker – ORBCOMM Global Two-way Messaging Data Services
  • Bruce Kraselsky – Constellation Communications, Inc.

State Initiatives

  • Jordan Katz – Introduction
  • Janice Bellucci – Spaceport Florida Authority
  • Michael W. Miller – Virginia Center for Innovative Technology

Remote Sensing

  • Jordan Katz – Introduction
  • David Thibault – Land Remote Sensing: An Emerging Technology

Financing Space

  • Jordan Katz
  • Mike Ryan – Bootstrap Financing

Future Opportunities

  • Jordan Katz
  • Kirby Ikin – Australia: International Gateway to Space
  • Wally McClure – Space Commercialization and Space Exploration
  • Raymond J. Bula – Opportunities for Commercial Ventures on the Moon


  • Jordan Katz
  • David Thompson – Orbital Science Corporation
  • Jim Bennett – American Rocket Company
  • Peter Diamandis – International Microspace

Expanding the Frontiers

  • John S. Lewis – Asteroid Resource Utilization
  • Robert Zubrin – Magnetic Sails and Other Shortcuts to the Stars
  • Robert Forward – Introduction
  • Bruno W. Augenstein – Interstellar Space Exploration – Issues, Opportunities, Precursors
  • David Dunlap – Space Solar Power Economics

Special Events

  • Alan Wasser, Lori Garver, Glenn Reynolds, Charles Walker – National Space Society Town Meeting

Special Interest – Computer Networking

  • Beverly Freed and Charles Radley – NSS BBS
  • Bruce A. Mackenzie – Allemande to the Stars: Rotating Tethers for Orbital Transportation
  • Dave Dunlap – Lunar Agriculture

Closing Ceremony

  • Martin Harwit – Exploring Our Universe
  • Buzz Aldrin – Closing Remarks



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