International Space Development Conference 1994

The National Space Society’s 13th annual International Space Development Conference was held in Toronto, Canada. Conference sessions included:

Why Go Into Space?

  • Ken Money
  • Michael Fuda
  • Leonard David
  • Tom Harris
  • Charlie Walker

Semi-Plenary: On the Road to Space

  • Ken Money
  • Charlie Walker

Apollo Revisited – 25 Years

  • Buzz Aldrin

The Significance of the Martian Frontier

  • Robert Zubrin

Cheap Access to Space

  • Robert DeBiase – Introductions
  • Seth Potter
  • Bill Gaubatz
  • Robert DeBiase

Single Stage to Orbit: Low Cost Near Term Reality

  • Paul Floreck

“Firefly” – A Private venture to Build an SSTO

  • John Burgener

The Delta Clipper Program

  • Bill Gaubatz

The Shuttle Get Away Special Program

  • Lawrence Thomas

Life Science Aspects of the Manned Mission to Mars

  • Wayne Rhodes
  • Ken Money

Sex in Space

  • Wayne Rhodes
  • Ray Noonan

Looking for an Asteroid Named Moosehead

  • David Stephenson

Near Earth Asteroids, Promise and Peril

  • Bill Higgins

Mars by Orbital Hotel

  • Jocelyn Boily

Special Events

  • Terry Dawson and Max Hunter – Debate: To SSTO or not to SSTO
  • Stewart Nozette – Awards Banquet
  • NSS Town Meetings



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