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Space Settlement Art Contest Island of the gods

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Islands of the Gods

by Richard Bizley
Category: Orbital Settlements
First Place Winner, Orbital Settlements, 2008 Calendar

Description: A scene of a couple walking during night closing of refracting mirrors on the Islands of the Gods. This cylinder-shaped colony is full of islands in tropical seas, at a time in the future when the cost of building land area has dropped to the point where such uncrowded areas are created. I visualise many beautiful unspoiled space habitats in which Man has by now learned to live in harmony with nature. Here we have lights shining from buildings hidden by vegetation. This colony is able to mimic the colors of Earthly sunrise/sunsets by special refracting triple mirrors that can reflect sunlight in any colors.

Medium/Tools Used: This was done purely in acrylics on Artboard. 44.5cm x 34.5cm.