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Lynne F. Zielinski

NSS Vice President of Education and Outreach
NSS Director of Education
NSS Board of Directors

Lynne F. Zielinski has a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in physics from Northeastern Illinois University. She is a retired teacher of physics, astronomy and space science for 32 years from Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. Ms. Zielinski has been engaging students in NASA programs since 1987, overseeing more than 60 nationally placed and NASA Center winners.

The Glenbrook Aerospace Development Get-away Experiment Team (GADGET), a student organization established by Zielinski, has flown nine active and more than 200 passive experiments on six Space Shuttle missions, nine sub-orbital NASA rockets, four NASA micro-gravity drop-tower experiments, three NASA C-9/Zero-G aircraft reduced experiments, three NASA high-altitude balloon and on a Zeppelin. GADGET has also collaborated on NASA experiments with students in Israel, Portugal and Morocco. Ms. Zielinski and her GADGET students have conducted educational outreach for K-12 students in three states, and at state and national teacher workshops.

Lynne’s creative and passionate commitment to science education is demonstrated through a wide range of efforts including authorship of student experiment results in NASA journals, contributions to NSIP resource guides, chapter sets in physical science textbooks, and designing of educational websites and activities for national astronomy programs. Ms. Zielinski’s research includes work at NASA Johnson Space Center in the Space Station Training Division (1990-91), at the University of California, Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory (2000-01) where she helped launch a NASA rocket into the aurora and created astronomy and space science education curricula, and at Yerkes Observatory (2011-present) where she runs educator training programs, family night programs, star parties, and research for a book on the mapping and naming of lunar surface features during the 1930-1975 era.

Some of Ms. Zielinski’s awards include the Astronaut Memorial Foundation’s Alan Shepard Award for Technology in Education (2014), National Space Educator Award from National Space Club (the only 2-time winner 2013 & 1988), NSS Activist of the Year (2013), Distinguished Teacher Award Glenbrook North High School (2011), NASA NSIP Hall of Fame Award (2004), AT&T Broadband Awesome Teacher Award (2002), Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching (2000), Christa McAuliffe Memorial Award (1999), Tandy Technology Scholar in Science Teaching (1998), John F. Kennedy Award for Courage (1994), and state semifinalist for NASA’s Teacher in Space Program (1985).

Ms. Zielinski is currently an education consultant, Education Manager for the Enterprise in Space project, and resides in Long Grove, Illinois.

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