Mafic Studios Image Usage Readme

All image (both still and animation) is © Mafic Studios, Inc.

Any of this content can be used without restriction by news and current event sources (i.e. television, internet and print). Usage requires a caption of ©Mafic Studios, Inc., with the exception of TV broadcast. The content must be presented in unmodified format, with exception of video that can be cut for time, but otherwise unmodified. Internet uses can change document format as needed for streaming, etc. If the content is to be transmitted to other sources, this readme.txt should be included.

Permission must be requested (and a small fee paid in some cases, as well as appropriate credits) to be used in the following (non-exhaustive) list:

Cover artwork for any type of publication
Monthly/quarterly/annual mass market magazines where the image will
appear larger than 1/4 page
Any book format
Any television program/series not devoted to current events
Any CD, DVD, or tape product.

If a larger size (than the provided 1920 X 1080) or different aspect ratio is required of still images included, it can be created for a fee. The entire video sequence can also be modified, given sufficient time and price.

For permissions and other requests, please contact:

Kris Holland, Mafic Studios, Inc.
[email protected]

Box 881
Lively, Ontario, Canada
P3Y 1M7