This portal page links to the latest versions of the governing and legal documents of the National Space Society (NSS) in PDF format. Where applicable, the documents are listed in order of precedence.

Bylaws and Corporate Policies

NSS Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation of the National Space Society. [January 1986]
NSS Bylaws
Defines the long-term objectives of the Society and establishes the top-level organizational structure and procedures for membership, chapters, and governance. [November 2019]
NSS Procedural Rules
Further defines the procedures for official votes by the NSS Board of Directors and membership. [June 2019]
NSS Campaign Rules
Further defines the responsibilities and procedures for NSS members who want to serve on the elected NSS Board of Directors. [November 2019; candidates should note 3-word update from June 2019 version, which affects endorsement quotations for candidate ballot statements.] See also Candidate Forms for the NSS Board of Directors election.
NSS Nominations and Elections Committee Rules
Further defines the responsibilities and procedures for the two NSS committees involved with the NSS Board of Directors elections. [June 2019]
NSS Chapter Rules
Further defines the responsibilities and procedures for NSS Chapters and Society-level Chapters Coordinators. [October 2005]
NSS Corporate Policies
Further defines titles and responsibilities for NSS Officers (including the four Vice Presidents listed in the bylaws) and the operating committees they oversee, as well as other top-level policies of the Society. [May 2021]
NSS Privacy Policy
The common NSS web page footer also contains a link to this Privacy Policy web page. [March 2010]
NSS Code of Conduct
The highest standards of professional and ethical behavior expected of all NSS leaders. [December 2020]
NSS Nondiscrimination Statement (adopted by the Board of Directors)
The National Space Society shall not discriminate against or for individuals because of race, sex, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or national origin.
NSS Policy Regarding Harassment and Discrimination [PDF] [HTML version]
NSS is committed to being an organization free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment [October 2018].

Strategic Planning Documents

NSS Statement of Philosophy
Defines the approved Vision and Mission statements of the Society, as well as the official Rationale, Principle, and Beliefs governing its actions. [May 2007]
NSS Strategic Plan
Defines multi-year goals and short-term organizational (external) and operational (internal) objectives of the Society. Includes background information and rationale for the Objectives. Also includes the NSS Strategic Implementation Plan, defining the set of approved initiatives for meeting the objectives defined in the Strategic Plan. [May 2011]
Roadmap to Space Settlement
Describes the major milestones that will likely need to be passed and the major barriers that will need to be surmounted in order for humankind to achieve the NSS vision of people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth. [2018]

Historical NSS Documents

NSS Public Finance Documents
Separate web page listing NSS financial documents, including IRS Form 990 and Independent Auditors’ Reports.
NSS Annual Reports
National Space Society Annual Reports.
NSS IRS Tax and Group Exemption Letter
Confirmation letter from the IRS of the tax-exemption status granted to the National Space Society, and to its subordinante organizations (i.e., NSS chapters) via a Group Exemption Letter effective June 1974.
NSS Merger Proclamation
Establishes the National Space Society via the merger of the National Space Institute and the L5 Society. [March 1987]

Other helpful information

NSS Financial Documents

NSS Logos


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