National Space Society Governor Edwin Jones Biography

Edwin R. Jones

National Space Society Board of Governors


Edwin Jones’ interest in space was solidified when, after receiving a BSEE from the University of Arizona in 1959, he worked at Sperry Flight Systems simulating the re-entry of the Dyna Soar spacecraft. The Dyna Soar was a vehicle far ahead of its time with a mission requiring extensive cross range maneuverability. He later participated in the simulation and design of control systems for various proposed Aerospace Planes.

In 1967 he received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Leaving aerospace, he entered the field of design automation of integrated circuits. After a period at Fairchild Semiconductor he was part of the founding team at LSI Logic, a pioneer application-specific integrated circuit company.

Beyond his engineering interest, Dr. Jones has had a lifelong interest in science fiction, with a library of over 4600 hardbound volumes.


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