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CFC code #11329
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ICA code #8783

Help the National Space Society (NSS) inspire the next generation of America’s scientists and explorers by remembering us in your Combined Federal Campaign or DC United Way contribution.

If you are a United States federal/postal/military employee and would like to support NSS programs through the Combined Federal Campaign, please enter CFC code #11329 on your pledge card during your agency’s fund drive.

The National Space Society is a 5-Star "Best in America" member of the Independent Charities of America (ICA).  If you are an employee of a company that is a participant of the D.C. One Fund Campaign and would like to donate to the National Space Society through the DC United Way, please specify our ICA Affiliation Code #8783 when making your pledge.

The National Space Society is proud of the broad support that this campaign receives from so many dedicated workers.  Thank You and Ad Astra!

Our Combined Federal Campaign number is 11329.

Our D.C. United Way ICA Affiliation Code is 8783.


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