The National Space Society invites you to the next Space Forum

Thursday, August 11, 2022, 8:00 to 9:15 PM EDT

Direct Fusion Drive for Space Power and Propulsion

Zoom meeting number: 895 0412 5894
Zoom meeting password: 934773

With Special Guest:

Chrisopher Galea

Christopher Galea
Research Scientist at Princeton Satellite Systems

As Research Scientist at Princeton Satellite Systems (PSS), Dr. Galea is responsible for research & development on the Princeton Field-Reversed Configuration (PFRC) and power electronics for fusion reactors, which are projects supported by Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Open Funding Solicitation (OPEN) and ARPA-E Galvanizing Advances in Market-aligned fusion for an Overabundance of Watts (GAMOW) grants, respectively. On the PFRC-2 experiment, he is currently operating and analyzing the x-ray silicon drift detector diagnostic for electron energy distribution measurements. He is also working on developing a plasma-circuit model for capturing key effects of surrounding plasma on the power electronics being developed under GAMOW.

At Princeton University, Dr. Galea conducted his dissertation work on “Coherent Microwave Scattering from Laser-Generated Plasma in External Magnetic Field and Weakly Ionized Plasma Environments”, the thesis of which he completed in July 2021. In his graduate research, he investigated the implementation of a laser- and microwave-based diagnostic technique, Radar REMPI (Resonance-Enhanced Multi-Photon Ionization), in novel environments relevant to plasma propulsion and remote sensing applications. A primary finding in his thesis was the discovery of magnetically induced depolarization of the microwaves when scattering from a small plasma in a magnetic field, which allows one to perform remote local vector magnetic field measurements.

Use the link below to directly join the forum. No registration required since this is a HAL5 NSS chapter meeting. This forum is also being held one hour earlier than our normal time. See you there!

Zoom meeting number: 895 0412 5894
Zoom meeting password: 934773


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