On Approach To New Wapakoneta Space Art

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Space Settlement Art Contest Approach New Wapakoneta

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On Approach to New Wapakoneta

by Joe Bruce
Category: Lunar Settlements

Description: On Approach To New Wapakoneta places you onboard a space plane in the flight pattern for New Wapakoneta, Moon. Your soda the stewardess gave you floats in front of the window as you look down on the night side of the Moon approximately 4500 miles away. Cernan Station just off your port side is made of inflatable modules. The night side of the Moon is illuminated by earthshine. New Wapakoneta is the bright dot just north of Tranquility Base in the Sea of Tranquility and has a population of 3653 as of the latest census. The city is made up of 20 inflatable modules housing homes, industrial facilities, a church, schools and shopping.

Medium/Tools Used: This piece is paint brush with chalk, eraser for highlights, pigment pencils and some Adobe work on the drink pouch.