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Ad Astra (“To the Stars”) is the award-winning magazine of the National Space Society, featuring the latest news in space exploration and stunning full-color photography. It is published quarterly and mailed to all National Space Society members, as well as to subscriber libraries, schools, and businesses. Public online back issue pages include book reviews, selected articles, table of contents, and more. Complete online electronic editions of issues from 2009 onward are available for members with a one-time registration.

The NSS Space Settlement Journal is an online peer-reviewed, open access journal on all aspects of space settlement and activities leading to space settlement.

DownlinkAd Astra Downlink is the electronic newsletter of the National Space Society.

Space 2.0 by Rod Pyle. This new book will explore current efforts in space, and then, looking through the eyes of industry and government leaders, embark on a compelling narrative about the future development, exploration and settlement of the final frontier. Space 2.0 will be published in oversize format, lavishly illustrated with approximately 300 full-color images, and competitively priced to assure maximum accessibility.

Archived NSS Publications

To the Stars International Quarterly was a free quarterly online magazine for space-interested and space-enthused people around the globe.

The Moon Miners’ Manifesto was edited and published by Peter Kokh ten times per year from 1986 to 2012. MMM’s VISION: “expanding the human economy through off-planet resources”; early heavy reliance on Lunar materials; early use of Mars system and asteroid resources; and permanent settlements supporting this economy. MMM’s MISSION: to encourage “spin-up” entrepreneurial development of the novel technologies needed and promote the economic-environmental rationale of space and lunar settlement.

L5 News was the publication of the L5 Society, which merged with the National Space Institute in 1987 to form the National Space Society.

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