Space Ambassadors Code of Conduct

Following is the Code of Conduct that Space Ambassadors are expected to adhere to.

  1. It is our purpose to make high quality, professional, and educational presentations about the human endeavor to create a future for humans working and living in space.
  2. We are stewards of the information resource and its delivery to the audience. As ambassadors we are individually responsible for delivering accurate information in a coherent and easily understandable way.
  3. We will maintain a professional demeanor of integrity, honor, and confidentiality with other Space Ambassadors, the NSS officers, any audience members, and other associates.
  4. We will acknowledge the sources of material used in our presentations (i.e., websites, magazines, books, newspapers, other ambassadors, etc.). Credit lines must be included for illustrations that are not in the public domain.
  5. We will comply with legal, government, and professional obligations. We will show only information and images in the public domain or that have been approved for dissemination. We will never show proprietary, privileged, or confidential information.
  6. Although we may discuss technologies or products, we will not use Space Ambassador presentations to advertise, promote, or endorse a specific brand.
  7. Whenever possible, we will allow time for a Q&A session at the end of our presentations. This helps close the information exchange and enhance the level of understanding for the audience.
  8. We will answer questions as well and as accurately as we can, including admitting we don’t know the answer when appropriate. We recognize that questions may suggest ways to improve our presentations in the future.
  9. Presentation material must be consistent with current research-based knowledge; otherwise, assertions must be identified as the presenter’s opinions and their rationale must be explained.
  10. Presentations are a shared resource with the other NSS Space Ambassadors. We will share the information in our presentations and any relevant information that will help the other Space Ambassadors to make excellent presentations to their audiences. If necessary to protect restricted permissions for use, this may be done in a format other than an actual slide show that could be directly presented by another person.
  11. We will treat audience members with respect, even if they state opinions that differ from our own. In the case of factual inaccuracies, we will politely offer correct information but will not engage in arguments.
  12. We will avoid conversations that could be inflammatory, for example religious and political subjects, emotional responses to situations, accusations about lack of results, or disparaging remarks.
  13. The NSS is a nonpartisan (not political) organization. When representing ourselves as Space Ambassadors, we will not publish or otherwise project political opinions.
  14. We will avoid or clearly declare any potential conflicts of interest.
  15. Reimbursement for travel and presentation costs are appropriate and appreciated (but not required). We acknowledge that any honorariums we receive are given to the presenter, not the NSS, and the presenter is responsible for any taxes that may apply.
  16. We welcome donations given to the NSS and corporate sponsorships of NSS projects and programs (including the Space Ambassadors). The NSS will officially recognize and document those.
  17. Science fiction has historically been a major motivator of the development of space exploration. When acting as Space Ambassadors, we will discuss futuristic topics in this context.
  18. We will report potential violations or problems with any of the above to the Space Ambassadors Subcommittee and/or the Program Director for discussion, review, and disposition.

Revised 2/22/2023