Space Ambassadors Code of Conduct

Following is the Code of Conduct that Space Ambassadors are expected to adhere to.

  1. It is our purpose to make high quality, professional, and educational presentations about the human endeavor to create a future for humans working and living in space.
  2. We are stewards of the information resource and its delivery to the audience. As ambassadors we are individually responsible for its delivery in a coherent and easily understandable way. The audience wants to know this information; they have a right to know and understand it.
  3. We are committed to delivering accurate information with clarity and completeness to the degree that the audience expects.
  4. We will maintain a professional demeanor of integrity, honor, and confidentiality with other Space Ambassadors, the NSS officers, any audience members, and other associates.
  5. Presentation material will acknowledge its sources (i.e., websites, magazines, books, newspapers, other ambassadors, etc).
  6. We will comply with legal, government, and professional obligations. We will only show information and images in the public domain or that have been approved for dissemination. We will never show proprietary, privileged, or confidential information.
  7. A Q&A opportunity at the end of a presentation is an important part of the presentation, because it helps to close the information exchange and enhance the level of understanding for the audience.
  8. We will recognize that some members of the audience may not understand elements of our presentations, and we will treat their questions with respect, and answer them as well and as accurately as we can. The Q&A can thus be a method whereby we can understand how to improve the presentations.
  9. Presentations are a shared resource with the other NSS Space Ambassadors. We will share these presentations and any relevant information that will help the other Space Ambassadors to make excellent presentations to their audiences.
  10. Some members of the audience may have differing opinions from our own. We must respect those opinions and treat them with respect and dignity even though we do not agree. We will calmly and respectfully disagree, and treat them as we would want to be treated in such a situation.
  11. We will avoid conversations that could be inflammatory, for example religious and political subjects, emotional responses to situations, accusations about lack of results, or disparaging remarks.
  12. We will avoid using exaggeration, shouting, speculation, or other tactics intended to “prove” things that are not currently scientific fact or widely accepted scientific theory. We will also avoid attempting to induce fear or irrational action in your audience.
  13. We will avoid and clearly declare any potential conflicts of interest.
  14. Honorariums to reimburse travel and presentation costs are appropriate and appreciated (but not required).
  15. Donations to the NSS and Corporate Sponsorship of NSS Projects and Programs will be officially recognized and documented.
  16. We will limit science fiction topics, using them only as they relate directly to our fact-based presentations.
  17. We will report potential violations or problems with any of the above to the Subcommittee and/or the Program Director for discussion, review, and disposition.

Revision 7, 1/9/2019


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