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Wayne White is an academic and consultant in the field of national and international space law.  Mr. White served as Associate Director of the National Remote Sensing and Space Law Center at the University of Mississippi School of Law from 2001-2003.  He graduated from Chapman University, received a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside, and received his law degree from the University of California, Davis.  He also has a Certificate in Government Contracts from UCLA.

Mr. White previously practiced law near Denver Colorado for seven years, worked as a member of the General Counsel’s office of the University of California and was a real estate attorney for Winchell’s Donut Houses Operating Company, L.P.  He is a Director of the National Space Society and chaired the Society’s 21st Annual International Space Development Conference, which was held in Denver Colorado May 23-27, 2002.

Mr. White is a long time member of the International Institute of Space Law, and is also a member of the International Law Association, the Space Studies Institute and the Space Frontier Foundation.  He was recently nominated for membership in the International Academy of Astronautics.