2014 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest: Proximus Asteroid Settlement

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Proximus Asteroid Settlement

by Rohan Rajesh Talesara
10th Grade, Bangalore, India

Illustrating Roadmap Milestone 18

Description: The Proximus Asteroid Settlement, to be built at the Earth Trojan asteroid 2010 TK7, will be a major step in the colonization of space. It is composed of various sections supporting activities like agriculture, research, engineering, and most importantly, mining. Proximus will initially enable the exploration and further exploitation of asteroid resources. Over the long run, it will also enable permanent settlement as it is self-sustaining. 2010 TK7 is the closest asteroid to Earth. Thus, it is the best asteroid for settlement.

Medium/Tools Used: 1. Sketchup V8 for model designing. 2. Microsoft Office Picture Manager for resizing and compressing. 3. Microsoft Paint.