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Colonies in Space jacket artBook jacket cover art by Don Dixon shows the interior of a Stanford Torus type colony. In the foreground is one of the small towns. In the rear is an agricultural area. The buildings are sturdy structures made of brick, steel, aluminum, and glass, all obtained from lunar materials. © Don Dixon.
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The illustrations below are used with permission from SCIENCE YEAR 1976, The World Book Science Annual © World Book, Inc. May not be reproduced except by permission of the publisher: www.worldbook.com.

Sunflowerspace colony designInterior of “Sunflower” design. The structure at the upper left is a low-gravity swimming pool. © World Book, Inc.
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O'Neill cylinder space colonyView from inside an O’Neill colony, showing how one of the mirrors reflects sunlight. © World Book, Inc.
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O'Neill cylinder space colony pairThe spaceliner Robert H. Goddard (right foreground) brings a new group of immigrants to help settle colonies of the very large type proposed by Gerard O’Neill. © World Book, Inc.
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O'Neill cylinder space coloniesView of the largest colonies, showing the agricultural cylinders. © World Book, Inc.
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Lunar mass driverThe completed lunar base. Rockets such as the one in the foreground center have delivered elements of the base, including the housing and agricultural modules at the right. This base supports the operation of the mass driver, at left, adjacent to a row of communications antennas. The mass driver launches material from the lunar surface to be used in Earth orbit to build colonies and solar power satellite stations. © World Book, Inc.
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