The  May 24-27 2018 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Los Angeles is excited to announce a new additional way for students to participate and learn about space governance and utilization. We are offering an opportunity for you to show how much you know about space through the form of an informal debate tournament.

The debate topic is Space Universalization – Governing Our World Within the Universe. Any student with an interest in ways to govern space and how it’s use is allocated should sign up to participate in this special program.

To learn more and register to be a member of one of the several debate teams, click on the link below:


All participants must register PRIOR to arriving at the ISDC. So don’t delay, go to the link now and sign up!

Teachers – Please share this information and encourage the students attending the ISDC to sign up right away.

We hope you will participate in this new exciting opportunity…and, bring a friend!

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