Image: Jeff Bezos and Alan Boyle at ISDC 2018. Credit: Keith Zacharski, National Space Society

Jeff Bezos attended our 2018 International Space Development Conference to accept the Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Award for space settlement promotion. Gerard’s widow Tasha presented the award. He also met with attendees, gave a sit-down talk with journalist Alan Boyle, and met with his hero Freeman Dyson. Also, he was happy to announce that the Science Fiction series The Expanse has been saved for a fourth season to be produced by Amazon Prime. Here is a sampling of news coverage of Jeff Bezos at our conference:

The Wall Street Journal
Jeff Bezos: “We Must Go Back to The Moon, and This Time to Stay”

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says we need to leave Earth to survive. First stop: a city on the moon1

The Verge
It’s official: Amazon has saved The Expanse

Geek Wire
Jeff Bezos: “We will have to leave this planet … and it’s going to make this planet better”

Inside Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Plans to Colonize the Moon

Entertainment Weekly
The Expanse officially saved by Amazon for season 4

Amazon Has Officially Saved ‘The Expanse,’ Will Air Season 4

Jeff Bezos Saves ‘The Expanse,’ Lays Out Vision for Human Space Colonies

Space News
Bezos outlines vision of Blue Origin’s lunar future

‘The Expanse’ Picked Up By Amazon For Season 4 After Syfy Cancellation

Daily Mail
‘We must go back to the moon, and this time to stay’: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says lunar settlement will save Earth by moving heavy industry into space ‘within the next 100 years’

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