NASA Watch is reporting rumors that Mae Jemison is a candidate for NASA administrator. Interesting idea I believe she would be the First Female and the First African American NASA Administrator. She certainly has space experience.

Air Force Gen. J. Scott Gration is going to be special envoy to Sudan. I didn’t think he was ever a serious candidate of Administrator, I thought they were using NASA for policy experiments, a trial balloon. Since no skeletons appeared when his name was proposed and the only criticism was his lack of space experience. He is a safe choice for a politically sensitive and important job.

Sen. Nelson seems to have issues with Steve Isakowitz. But I think his experience at the Department of Energy (DOE) could be a major asset if President Obama decides to make space solar power a priority since it has the issue that NASA doesn’t do energy and DOE doesn’t do space. Steve Isakowitz could bridge that gap and foster a joint program.

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