The Alliance for Space Development (ASD), the National Space Society (NSS) and the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF), are holding the annual March Storm Washington DC Blitz March 10-14, 2019. Sunday March 10 will be an all-day training event, followed by up to four days of Congressional visits. Blitzers are asked to commit to a minimum of 1 day of Congressional visits, but those days can be picked from among March 11-14. The mandatory training session will take place at the Holiday Inn Arlington, but it is otherwise not an official March Storm hotel, and attendees are encouraged to stay wherever is convenient financially. You must be a U.S. resident to participate.


March Storm 2019 will support the Alliance for Space Development 2019 objectives:

1. Make space development and settlement part of NASA, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Space Commerce’s official mission.

2. Require the Office of Space Commerce to produce a Space Development Plan.

3. Support planetary defense by moving NEOCam forward in fiscal year 2020.

For more information on these goals and their talking points, see ASD 2019 Objectives (PDF).

See also the draft Space Development and Settlement Act of 2019.

March Storm is the premier citizen-run, space related Congressional visit event of 2019. The training will prepare you to meet with Congresspersons and staffers even if you have no prior experience. Experts will coach you how to make the best pitch for our future in space. Please join us in Washington DC March 10, 2019 and see how you can make an impact.

For questions, please contact Ian Burrell, ASD Advocacy Coordinator, at [email protected]. For registered attendees, feel free to join the March Storm 2019 Facebook group to share hotel and flight information, coordinate ride-shares, and otherwise become familiar with the other attendees prior to the event. For more information on ASD generally, please visit the official ASD website.

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