By Frances Dellutri, NSS Deputy Director of Education, NSS Board of Directors

NSS VP of Education and Outreach Lynne Zielinski and Frances Dellutri, NSS Deputy Director of Education will be presenting the Embedded Teachers Workshop along with Dr. Kevin Crosby, the Director of the Carthage College Space Studies Program.

The Embedded Teachers Workshop 2021 is scheduled for Oct. 8-9, 2021, at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and is part of the NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium 2021 Embedded Teachers Program. The Embedded Teacher Program is a NASA-supported opportunity for middle and high school teachers in STEAM disciplines across the state of Wisconsin to develop curriculum demonstrations and experiments related to spaceflight and microgravity in a two-day workshop at Carthage College.

WSGC will provide travel expenses for Wisconsin teachers.  Teachers outside of Wisconsin are encouraged to apply for workshop acceptance and collaborate with the SGC in their state to provide travel expenses to Kenosha, WI.  One or more teachers will be selected from workshop participants to fly with their experiments aboard the Zero Gravity Corporation’s G-FORCE ONE aircraft. The modified 727 aircraft performs parabolic flights in which researchers experience sustained periods of weightlessness to test space-bound equipment, conduct scientific research, and train for spaceflight. See video below.

Applications due: September 3, 2021

Apply now: spacegrant.carthage.edu

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