The National Space Society (NSS) is pleased to be a continuing co-Sponsor of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) NewSpace Conference. This year the conference will take place July 23-25, 2010, at the Domain Hotel in Silicon Valley, CA.

“The SFF NewSpace Conference seeks to expand the market place of ideas essential to growing the ecosystem of commercial/new space entrepreneurial companies and lay the foundation for opportunities to engage the wider space community,” said Gary Barnhard, Executive Director of the National Space Society.

On the heels of SpaceX’s successful Falcon 9 flight and the re-envisioning of NASA priorities, the NewSpace Conference is focused on the rapidly developing commercial space industry. The conference provides an opportunity to discuss the future of commercial spaceflight, as well as nurture entrepreneurial relationships in this field. Panel topics will cover space tourism, government-commercial cooperation, cutting edge technology, future missions, and more. The NewSpace Conference panels will be led by a host of CEOs, technologists, and thought leaders in the space industry.

Register now at the NewSpace 2010 Registration Page. The conference will be held at the Domain Hotel in Silicon Valley, CA., which is also providing an affordable group rate for guests attending the conference. For more information, visit newspace2010.spacefrontier.org and or RSVP on Facebook today.

New Space 2010

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