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Thursday, September 15, 2022, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

Automated Psychotherapy in Space:
Protecting Mental Health in Orbit and Deep Space

With Special Guest:

Logan Smith

Logan Smith, M.S.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Oklahoma State University

When it comes to space exploration, development, and settlement, we spend a great deal of time focused on the science, engineering and technology needed to make it possible. Previous space forums have taken a wider view, exploring other aspects that have included law, medicine, nutrition, and even space farms. With this space forum, we will continue that approach by examining an area that does not receive a great deal of public attention.

Various behavioral and mental health issues have been reported by space crews for decades, with the overall number of mental health complications expected to be higher than is publicly known. The broad range of mental health complications encountered in space is expected to grow as people venture deeper into space.

Issues with privacy, dual relationships, and delayed communications make rendering effective psychological therapy difficult in a spaceflight environment, and nearly impossible in deep space. Automated psychotherapy offers a way to provide psychotherapy to astronauts both in deep space and low Earth orbit. Though automated psychotherapy is growing in popularity on Earth, little is known about its efficacy in space.

Join us for this space forum which will highlight the knowns and unknowns regarding this treatment modality for future deep space missions. We will also take time to discuss other aspects of space psychology, such as unique hazards to mental health specific to spaceflight, special supportive measures that may be used in deep space, and other related topics.

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Logan Smith is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate at Oklahoma State University where he studies suicide, provides psychological therapy, and teaches psychology to undergraduates. A native Floridian, Logan grew up with a passion for spaceflight, and has begun to blend his knowledge of psychology with his love for space by researching space psychology. Logan is a member of the Space Health Research Group and a member of the Association of Spaceflight Professionals. Additionally, Logan is the Program Manager for the Space Health Division of Shuttle, a space travel company.

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