Dale Skran, Chair of the NSS Executive Committee, writes:

I strongly suggest reading the recent article “What is the Moon Treaty and is it still useful?” in Filling Space based on an interview with NSS’s Michelle Hanlon (pictured). Michelle is the Chair of the NSS International Committee and a member of the NSS Policy Committee (see her bio). The Filling Space article contains some fundamental background on the Moon Treaty that all NSS members should be aware of. NSS has a long history of opposing the Moon Treaty, and is proud to have played a key role in working to ensure that the USA did not endorse this misguided treaty.

From the article:

The Moon Treaty “allows for private ownership of natural resources that have been extracted. It requires the establishment of a governing regime to manage the extraction of space resources…. In short, the treaty won’t implement necessary laws until mining is feasible – yet the very structure of the treaty and the uncertainty surrounding it discourages the research and investment necessary to make mining feasible.”

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