National Space Society Event Will Run from May 25-28. Discount Rates Still Available.

The National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference® (ISDC®) will be held on May 25-28, 2023, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel & Convention Center in Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Substantial NSS member, student, and senior discounts are still available—prices will be higher at the venue.

The ISDC® is the premiere annual event of the National Space Society (NSS), bringing together leading managers, engineers, scientists, educators, and business people from civilian, military, commercial, entrepreneurial, and grassroots advocacy space sectors, to work toward the common goal of developing a spacefaring civilization.

Premiere speakers for 2023 include:

  • Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, retired NASA astronaut, Engineer, and Educator
  • Jared Isaacman, Founder of Polaris Dawn and Mission Commander for the Inspiration4 Orbital Flight
  • Eileen Collins, retired NASA astronaut and author
  • Daniel Suarez, New York Times bestselling author of “Delta V” and “Critical Mass”
  • Dr. Eric Smith, Program Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings and New Shepard Crewmember
  • Dr. Robert Zubrin, President at Pioneer Astronautics, author, and co-founder of the Mars Society
  • Dr. Pascal Lee, Planetary Scientist at the SETI Institute, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Mars Institute, and Director of the Haughton-Mars Project
  • Rod Pyle, space author and Editor-in-Chief of Ad Astra magazine
  • Emily Carney, space historian and founder of Space Hipsters
  • Dr. David Livingston, founder and host of The Space Show

And many other visionaries of the new space age.

Join the many newspace and space science enthusiasts, professional scientists, engineers, newspace entrepreneurs, astronauts, students, and people just like you, at the oldest and most exciting space gathering, the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference! For more information, visit the ISDC 2023 website.

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