The National Space Society invites you to the next Space Forum

Thursday, June 16, 2022, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

Becoming Off-Worldly: Preparing for Your Future Spaceflight Journey

With Special Guest:

Laura Forczyk

Laura Forczyk, Owner – Astralytical
Researcher, Consultant and Author

In this new era of commercial spaceflight, now is your opportunity to become off-worldly. Join this space forum to hear from Laura Forczyk, author of the new book Becoming Off-Worldly: Learning from Astronauts to Prepare for Your Spaceflight Journey (see NSS Review). Laura will explore lessons learned from experienced astronauts about what surprised them about their time off-Earth, show how future private astronauts are preparing for their trips to space, and give you the inside scoop on lesser-known spaceflight training and preparations.

The commercial space industry is opening up spaceflight to allow more humans than ever before to fly off-Earth. Through interviews with experienced astronauts from around the world, early commercial space industry pioneers, and future private astronauts, Laura explores the personal perspectives of preparing for and experiencing spaceflight. Don’t miss this informative and fun space forum to learn from Laura how to prepare for your future spaceflight and your opportunity to become off-worldly.

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Laura Forczyk is the owner of space consulting firm Astralytical specializing in space science, industry, and policy, and offering space career coaching services. She earned a B.S. degree in astrophysics from the Florida Institute of Technology and an M.S. degree in astrophysics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Prior to forming her own company, she ran the Florida office of a startup working to establish parabolic and suborbital flights at the Kennedy Space Center.

She has also worked as a scientific analyst for a nonprofit facilitating over 50 experiments on the ISS for the benefit of life on Earth. She has researched astrophysics and planetary science at three NASA centers, flown two parabolic “Zero G” campaigns, conducted geological research in a meteor crater, and earned National Aerospace Training and Research (NASTAR) suborbital astronaut wings in ground training. She is the author of Rise of the Space Age Millennials and the recently published Becoming Off-Worldly.

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