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Thursday, October 28, 2021, 9:00 to 10:15 PM EDT

Farming in Space for Future Space Settlements: Not just Glop and Salad!

With Special Guest Bryce Meyer, moderated by Burt Dicht


Bryce Meyer
Bryce Meyer, NSS Board of Directors, Engineer, Space Farmer

Space settlements in orbit or even on the Moon are close enough in proximity to Earth that food supplies could still rely on transport from Earth. As space settlement moves outward, carrying enough food for a long-duration flight is just not feasible. Packaged food takes up space and more importantly would take a large portion of the weight of the spacecraft. One explored solution is space farming which would create a sustainable environment for the astronauts. The recycling of human wastes, water, and the air is critical for long distances that separate space settlements from Earth.

While there are some strategies that might use a garden and hand-wave away the rest, better designs will include a variety of current technologies to make the mass flow loop possible, and provide a diverse menu of more than glop and salad! Meyer, an experienced Earth farmer and engineer, has been studying the design and concepts of space farms in order to develop solutions for space settlement. Don’t miss this informative and eye-opening session that adds a new dimension to what is needed to sustain space settlement.

Bryce L. Meyer is an experienced engineer and on his own time develops and designs farms for space settlement, focusing on mass flow and energy use. He has a graduate degree in engineering and biology, and very practical experience working on Earth farms. He is writing a textbook on the topic of space farms, in addition to numerous publications in AIAA and NSS conferences and journals, and children’s STEM books on space settlement. He lives in Missouri and is part of the St. Louis Space Frontier Chapter of NSS, and is chair of the Space Settlement Technical Committee of AIAA.

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