NSS Space Settlement Art Contest Submission Requirements


The deadline for submissions to the NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest is March 16 (11:59 pm Universal Time). Artists are allowed to submit more than one entry to the contest. Since the National Space Society is an organization with members and
chapters spanning the globe, our contest is open to all full-time students of
planet Earth between the ages of 12 and 25.

All artists submitting artwork will be required to agree to the contest’s Terms and Conditions for Submitted Artwork.

All submissions must be made in a digital format and will only be accepted via the Roadmap to Space Settlement Art Contest Submission Form.

A screening process will be in place and the review committee reserves the right to reject any submission without showing cause.

Image Subject Matter

  • All artwork must be the original work of the student.
  • All submitted art must be a REALISTIC depiction of human space settlement using the Roadmap to Space Settlement Milestones. Realistic means as accurate as possible both in science and engineering, and as closely as as possible to what a real space settlement would actually look like. Art that has merit but is less realistic looking may still be accepted for display on the NSS website, but would be very unlikely to be a winning entry.
  • The art work must illustrate one of these Milestones.
  • The artwork MUST be consistent with this year’s theme: People Living and Working in Space Settlements. Each art piece must include at least one person and a view of the world or space settlement they are on or near.

Additional details as to acceptable content and how judges will be evaluating the artwork can be found in the Judging Guidelines for Submitted Artwork document.

Image Technical Specifications

You are free to choose any medium to
use for the creation of your artwork, but submissions must be in digital format with minimum dimensions of 4350 pixels by 3450 pixels (or vertically, 3450 pixels by 4350 pixels). Images that are obviously enlarged to meet the size requirement (with resulting degradation in quality) will be rejected.

Smaller images may be submitted but will be considered only for Honorable Mention.

The initial submitted images must be full size but in JPEG format and must not exceed 8 megabytes in size (which may require some file compression). If an image is one of the winners of the contest, the artist will be required to submit the original uncompressed version.

Art work is preferred in horizontal (landscape) format, but may be submitted in vertical (portrait) format.

If an image is one of the winners of the contest and the medium used to create the artwork was not electronic, the artist may be required to send the original piece of art to NSS for public display. Exceptions will be granted if this poses a hardship.


If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email the NSS Education and Outreach Chair, Lynne Zielinski, at: (Contest Now Closed)


MENU for NSS Space Settlement Art Contest:
Art Contest Home Page / Submission Requirements / Terms and Conditions / Judging Guidelines / Resource Information for Artists

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